Brief Introduction

We,SSIC Ltd are high-new tech enterprise base in Shanghai .We produce、develop various catalysts、carriers、serial water treatment chemicals and fine chemical products. Serial Palladium catalysts utilized in the production of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), as shanghai High-New Tech Products and State Key Products, it covers 50% of the Chinese market with its top class international quality. Catalyst carrier is a leader in the domestic market, where we also lead with most products and output regarding catalytic carriers in China. Serial water chemicals have been creating the typical GREEN water treatment series, such as PASP, TCPM. The product, 3, 5 – dimethylphenol, methylamine catalyst are well received by the user.

The company passed ISO9001:2000 in 2003. Our Fine Chemical Laboratory For Hydrogen Peroxide was certified by Shanghai Pudong New Area Enterprise R&D Center.

We established Hua-Su Water Treatment Research Institute which cooperates with East China University of Science and Technology. We are one of the council for Industry Catalyst Magazine ,and Shanghai Chemical Industry Magazine.

The company has a multifunctional laboratory, a modern office building, and a middle test workshop, and a middle test fine chemical products base..

The company is located in the Gaodong Industry Area of Pudong., Shanghai, and adjoins Waigaoqiao FTZ and Outside Belt Highway, which is has convenient transportation links and is ideally located.

We aim to be a world leader among professional chemical companies, to keep improving, and supply clients with the best high quality service and products.

Enterprise authentication

The enterprise was authorized as Shanghai High-New Tech Enterprise in 2003.

The enterprise passed the ISO 9001:2000 in2003.

Our Fine Chemical Laboratory For Hydrogen Peroxide was authorized as Shanghai Pudong New Area Enterprise R&D center in 2004.

Invention patent

1 The benzene saturation in hydrogenation loaded amorphous catalyst and preparation method.

2 To use modified micropore zeolite catalyst make preparation for dimethylamine selectivity.

3 A preparation method of the 2-methylcyclohexanol

4 A organic solvent system in the production process of hydrogen peroxide.

5 A preparation method of the 2 – methylcyclohexylacetate.

6 The special-shaped Pd catalyst and preparation method in hydrogen peroxide production.


TCPM widely acts as anti-fouling compound in paint mainly used in disposing ships, fishnet, buoyages, sea-rout and some underwater components ,it can prevent marine testacean creatures, marine soft body creatures and sea weed plants from parasitizing on ship's body. It can dip in water for quite a long time, has the advantages of no rudimental layer on the surface, no craze and no peal, it can maintain membrane erosion ratio and has repaint adaptability.

It also acts as antiseptic and mould inhibitor of wood and some kind of aquatic emulsion,. Just 0.2 % of TCPM(2000ppm) can restrain the growth of mould fungus, bacterium and some kinds of pests. TCPM is almost harmless to any king of creatures. It can easily resolve in common organic solvent. Such as toluene, dimethylbenzene and benzene which make it quite easy for use, and we can also use TCPM as emulsion. The methods of its application are mainly the following.

1, Add it to the adhesive used to produced viscose and veneer.

2, Use its liquor or emulsion to dispose woods under pressure.

3, Directly dispose the surface of woods with its liquor or emulsion.

TCPMother name Trichlorophenylmaleimide 1-(N-2,4,6-Tricholorphenyl)-H--pyrrole-2,5-dione
Appearance Cream-colored yellow, Crystalline solid
Melting point 128℃
Solubility (20℃) Not dissolve water, dissolve chloroform, Methylbenzene, xylene, alcohol etc.
Products Catalog

A. Catalyst

1,SC—A04 Anthraquinone Pd Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyst

2,SC—A05 AnthraquinonePd Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyst

3,SC—M Synthetic Morpholine Catalyst

4,SC—B02 Methylamine Catalyst

5,SC—B03 Methylamine Catalyst

6,SC—K Pd/c Catalyst

7,SC—N Loaded amorphous nomometer Ni Catalyst

8,HD—03 Waste Water Processing Catalyst

B. Catalyst Carrier

1, Large Hole Dried Alumina Gel

2, Large Hole Dried Silica-Alumina Gel (the size of hole is adjustable)

3, Amorphous Dried Silica-Alumina

4, Small hole Dried Alumina Gel

5, Trifolium ∮3AL2O3Carrier(for pyrolysis gasoline first-stage hydrogenation catalyst )

6, β Molecular Sieve

7, Mordenite Molecular Sieve

8, Different Shaped Alumina Ball or Bar

C. Fine Chemical

1, High-efficient antifouling Germicide TCPM

2, PASP--New-type of biodegradable water treatment


3, 2-Methylcyclohexylacetate

4, 3,5-Dimethylphenol

5, 2-Methylcyclohexanol

6, 4,4-Diaminophenylate

7, methylamine Series Product

D. Water Treatment Series Products

a. Water Treatment Agent

1, Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor

2, Pretreatment Filming Agent

3, Deoxidant

4, High-effective Broad-spectrum Pesticides

5, Poly Aluminate

6, Sodium Aluminate


b. Water Treatment ProjectUndertaking Contracted Projects

β Molecular Sieve
Silica / Alumina Radio 20-25 %
Relative Crystallinity ≥ 90 %
Solid Content ≥ 90 %
Mordenite Molecular Sieve
Silica / Alumina Radio 10-20 %
Relative Crystallinity ≥ 90 %
Solid Content ≥ 90 %
SC-05 Anthraquinone Pd Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyst
Shape Brown, Trifolium
Size ¢3×15-15mm≥90%mm
Bulk density 0.55±0.04kg/L
Crushing strength ≥50N/P
Pd content 0.28~0.32%
Main composition PdO , AI2O3
Application Hydrogenation in producing hydrogen peroxide
Typical properties Activit ≥3.8kg H2O2(100%)kg·Cat·天Cycle of regeneration ≥6month 〔LHSV7-12hr-1〕The activity can be returned to 90% after regeneration.
Industrial service conditions Reactive Temperature40-75℃Reactive Pressure 0.1-0.35MPa
Package, Transportation and storage Packed with steel drums of 25kg with plastic bag inside. Stored in dry room. Avoid strenuous vibration, entrance of water, acids, chloride, sulfide.

The 3,5-dimethyphenol is a major intermediate which is used in many products, including rubber accelerant, antioxidant, pharmaceuticals,perfume, dye, antiseptics, explosive, mimeograph, coating, adhesion agent, DBP decyl butyl phthalate, antioxidant,bactericide, antiseptics, shampoo, and to manufacture the modified phenolicresin, and act as a additive of cold rolling steel oil.

Boilingpoint 219.5℃
Meting point 68 ℃
Density 0,968 dissolves in water and alcohol
Purity 99 %
Colour White
Odour Aromaticity
Safety It is poisonous and corrosive, so glover and other devices should be taken. Once contacted,the area should be washed with clear water immediately. The production equipment should be sealed up, The workshop must ventilate.
Storage The commercial products stored in the air-tightly metal bucker with 50kg, 100kg and 200kg. The reagent products stored in brown glass container. Keeping ventilation, protected against blazing sun, transport standards according to hazardous chemicals.
SC-B03 Methylamine Catalyst

It is used in the manufacture of rubber vulcanization accelerators, pesticides, surfactants, photographic chemicals, corrosive inhibitor, explosives,dyes, pharmaceuticals and certain textiles.

Shape White
Size ¢3.5×5-15mm
Bulk density 0.67-0.75 kg/L
Crushing strength ≥100N/cm
Main composition Mordenite
Reactive temperatureIn industry 300-340 ℃
Reactive pressure 1.5-4.0 MPa
Ammonia/methanol ratio 1.5-2.5 mol/mol
Mixed GHSV 1.5-2.5 hr-1
Methanol conversionratio > 97%
Package,transportationAnd storage Packed in 30kg air-tightly drum with plastic bag inside,stored in dry place and keep ventilation, avoid entrancing of water, acid and alkaline in transportation.
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2-Methylcyclohexylacetate is used in the solvent system of the hydrogen peroxide, which dissolve quinine organics, also the reaction of other solvents, such as, oil, colophony, basic dyes, nitro-cotton, raw rubber and the additive of perfume, solvent used in the paint etc.

Appearance Colourless liquid
Ester ≥ 98 %
Alcohol ≤ 0.5%
Acid number ≤ 0.15 mg KOH/g
Cyclohexylacetate ≤ 1 %
Dimethylcyclohexylacetate ≤ 1 %
2-Methylcyclohexanone ≤ 0.5 %
Water ≤ 0.15 %
Specific gravity 0.942
Boiling point 188 ℃
Freezing point -- 70℃
Flashing point 74 ℃
Refractive index 1.4375
Autogenous ignition temperature 305 ℃
Storage The product is a flammable liquid, should avoid fire and strong oxidant, it can't be stored in the copper container, if it be stored for a long time, should test acidity before being used.